Nik Tomazic

Student (Java/Web Developer)

About me
Hey there, I'm Nik. I have been programming for the past 4 years. My primary programming language is Java, but I'm also proficient in PHP & Python. I am experienced in server administration, web development (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, SQL) and graphic design (Photoshop). When working I'm always trying to do my best, my work is fast and efficient. I like creating new things and accepting new challenges. I am also a perfectionist so everything I create needs to be perfect.

Other skills
  • Maven
  • Git
  • MySQL/MariaDB
  • Django
  • Bukkit/Spigot API
  • Bungeecord API
That's me!


JavaSimpleIRC is a simple IRC (Internet Relay Chat) program, which allows communication via sockets. After the administrator sets up the server and channels, users can connect to it. Users can then exchange messages or participate in groups talks.

View the project on GitHub:


NForum is a simple light-weight forum written in Python using Django. It allows users to create their own threads or talk in already existing ones. It has a built-in upvote/downvote (reputation) system, achievements, alerts & more!


  • Extremely easy to use UI (+ admin panel)
  • Thread categories & subcategories
  • Thread locking & pinning
  • Thread prefixes
  • User profiles (avatar, description, recent threads & posts)
  • Reputation system (users can upvote or downvote each others' messages)
  • Achievement system (users get achievements based on thread count, post count, upvotes, downvotes)
  • Alerts (users get a notification when someone responds to their thread, are mentioned or their post is rated)
  • Users are able to create their own threads (topics) or talk in already existing ones.
  • Wiki (community can create and edit wiki pages)
  • Basic customization (site name, logo, favicon title, description, short description)
  • Customizable site color palette

View the project on GitHub:


TeamSpectralis is an ESports organization based in Europe, Slovenia. Their main focus is to provide their team members with opportunities to grow on social media, expand their gaming skills/tactics and to easily collab with other teammates.

View the site live at:

Would recommend.
He created a perfect clothing shop website for our clothing line! Just as ordered & is willing to change the design to your preference! Quick responsive time and efficient! Recommended to everyone!
Great dev!!