Nik Tomazic

Student (Java/Web Developer)

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Started: 5.06.2020
Updated: 6.06.2020
Status: Alive


Cubeverse – the fully custom programmed Minecraft network, created by only 4 Minecraft enthusiasts. Featuring custom game modes and minigames for you to enjoy on a high performance and optimized network.

Cubeverse currently supports the following (4) gamemodes:

  • Kitwars  (Our version of KitPVP that features kits with special weapons and abilities. Fight and earn coins to unlock more kits!)
  • Practice  (Duels with the classic, PVP fan-favourite kits. Play unranked or ranked and fight your way to the top of the leaderboard.)
  • SkyPVP  (A battle in the sky! Start with basic gear and search for better items scavanged across the map.)
  • MassivePVP  (Jump in the arena with diamond gear and gain diamonds by killing enemies. Convert them into coins and upgrade your gear!)

Feel free to visit our website at:

(Long server description text dump:

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