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GreenButton - mobile application that allows you to learn about environmental problems and green solutions by performing simple green tasks and competing with friends and strangers.

App description:

  • Educate yourself and your friends by reading articles, tips and descriptions of green tasks.
  • Complete simple green tasks that can, when …


AljazekMC website[11.02.2020]

AljazekMC is a Minecraft server released in 2020.

You can join it today at:


VideoLectures.NET is the world's biggest academic online video repository with 24,792 video lectures delivered by 10,763 presenters since 2001. It is hosted at Jozef Stefan Institute in Slovenia, Europe. All content is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0.

VLN app can be downloaded here:

  • Google Play: …


Cubeverse – the fully custom programmed Minecraft network, created by only 4 Minecraft enthusiasts. Featuring custom game modes and minigames for you to enjoy on a high performance and optimized network.

Cubeverse currently supports the following (4) gamemodes:

  • Kitwars  (Our version of KitPVP that features kits with special weapons and …


Fastest Chrome AutoFill & AutoCheckout extension on the market.


On 24.01.2020 I've won the competition hosted by Posta Slovenije in the student category and got a chance to participate in AI for the Common Good: F’AI’R Education Hackathon in Paris.





JavaSimpleIRC is a simple IRC (Internet Relay Chat) program, which allows communication via sockets. After the administrator sets up the server and channels, users can connect to it. Users can then exchange messages or participate in groups talks.

View the project on GitHub:


NForum is a simple light-weight forum written in Python using Django. It allows users to create their own threads or talk in already existing ones. It has a built-in upvote/downvote (reputation) system, achievements, alerts & more!


  • Extremely easy to use UI (+ admin panel)
  • Thread categories & subcategories


TeamSpectralis is an ESports organization based in Europe, Slovenia. Their main focus is to provide their team members with opportunities to grow on social media, expand their gaming skills/tactics and to easily collab with other teammates.

View the site live at:


Simple command-line based quiz.

View the project on GitHub:



ItemRecycler is a light-weight plugin for recycling/uncrafting unwanted items. It's extremely easy to use. Recommended for semi-vanilla, survival servers. It supports the recyclement of more than 150 items, and it has 2 types of anti-duplication security. The plugin is also very customizable. You can change all the messages and edit …


PinkThreads is a clothing line brand released to the public in early February of 2018. The name and the logo originate from the idea of Pink Panther and clothing. PinkThreads releases fresh, modern designs and uses only the best of the clothing in various colours and sizes so it's suitable …


In 2017 I've won a Spigot Plugin Competition hosted by Mel ( My project was rated 88/100. Theme was magic. The project is open-sourced and can be viewed here:



BlockEffects is a light-weight plugin that activates special effects when players interact or step on the block. There are 5 trigger types: LEFT_CLICK, RIGHT_CLICK, WALK, BREAK, PLACE. On trigger you can send messages, execute commands, add potion effects & more. There is a built-in cooldown and per block permission. The …


TrollPlus is a light-weight plugin for trolling. It has more than 50 commands and a lot of features. It's GUI makes it extremely easy to use, you just need to choose the player and then choose the troll command. The plugin is highly customizable and currently supports 7 languages: English, …

Older projects

  • NoPluginsPlus
  • WATW (v1 + v2)